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I am a twenty something year old Nursing student. Currently I'm two months away from actually diving into the "core" part of my program. Dissecting things, poking, prodding, cutting...it's all called my name since I was a wee lass. Seriously, when my friends or cousins injured themselves I always wanted to see the bloody gory details. The bloodier and messier, the better. Funny how horror moves filled with gore are just not my thing. Yeah, I know, it baffles me too. For a girl contemplating medical school after graduating who has the desire to be elbow deep in organs during a trauma shift-the fact that I cringe during Saw-the irony there does not escape me. Trust me.
Onto a little background information on how my University works so you aren't utterly lost or confused. The classes are a month long and in that month we cover the equivelant of a four month class at a community college or other Universities. Not here, here they shove it all in a month and slowly suck everything out of you while trying to fill it with a ridiculous amount of information. Yes I signed up for it and I was aware of the pace when I made my choice. From my previous experience at a regular college in Virginia, I realized the classes didn't hold my attention, I went faster than other kids and I would find myself bored. And a bored me gets in trouble. So this time, after moving back home I enrolled at my current University and so far everything is bearable. If you REALLY like sleep, this kind of curriculum is not for you. Being a book nerd, I already have a severe lack of respect for sleep.
Anyways, I go to class five days a week and not for an hour to two like a normal University. My class starts at 9 and I'm trapped until 1pm. This month (July) I'm taking Contemporary World Literature-Monday's,Tuesday's and Thursday's from 9-1. Then on Wednesday's and Friday's from 9-3 I'm taking Life Span Development and I've already had this teacher and that was an experience to say the least. I can't say I'm stoked about my Life Span class. So that's just a little information so you can follow a bit easier.
On top of Nursing school, I'm a blogger. I blog about books and review for indie authors, Entangled, Entangled Teen, Epic Reads, Penguin and Randomhouse. I love books. Reading and writing is my passion. I seriously fangirl over bookmarks and when I get to chat with authors about their books. Again, I'm aware reading is somewhat becoming a lost art but I truly LOVE reading. Besides medical school, I really wouldn't mind getting a degree involving creative writing, or something that would give me a gold star for an official position at a publishing company. Alas this may be why my social skills are somewhat skewed. I have a tendency to say inappropriate things sometimes. I'm also working on my novel Hopeful Lies which with any luck will be released in September...you can check more on my author page (like teasers and random updates and thoughts. Although I may post teasers here as well randomly...)

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