Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Day 3: Holding Hearts

Yes! I got up early enough today that I could drink TWO cups of coffee before leaving for school. Ooh and I left early enough to get there like 40 minutes beforehand so I didn't get stuck in a ridiculous awkward seat. You know the one's I'm talking about...I like the back because sometimes I tend to get distracted. Today was the first day of Life Span Development and yeah Ms. RedCurls was everything I remembered BUT not as bad. Thank God we have to cover 16 chapters in only 8 classes or else I'm sure the rambling off topic moments would have been way more and the couple we did have would have gone on even longer!

One thing that's cool about her is that she really knows her stuff and clearly her masters degree (she's working for a doctorate) is well deserved. Her lectures are actually kidn of interesting, they don't put me to sleep. Nor do they make me wish I was deaf. Which is five bonus points!! However, even though she's alright...some of the students in my class make me want to just bang my head against the desk. I got Rhea sitting next to me freaking commenting like every other second, like she's trying to beat the teacher or answer a question that wasn't really asked. Across from me on the opposite side is a smart blonde girl. I say smart because I think she is, she knew a couple answers today in which she cut off Rook who was trying to answer but she talked so fast and didn't enunciate that I'm really not sure what she said. We'll shall see, we shall see.

Giant plus is I finished both study guides for two chapters for this Friday's test today, so now all I have to do is remember the seven or eight pages of notes. Aside from the literary world, Psychology is so my thing.

I have so much to do tonight that I'm keeping this short and will blog some more tomorrow! I'll tell you about the cute guy, jeopardy in which I rocked at and being the awesome captain I was-we won by like 4,000 points!! <3 and a little more back story. Right now though I have to edit a friends novel that's going to be published in a couple weeks, read a few books for reviews, set up blog posts for later this week on Cover Bound and I need to send my developmental edits back to my friend Desiree for one of her newest works in progress (WIP's) and make some marketing plans and tools for her! So alas I'll leave you with a cool picture from disection day last month...well my dissection day, our A&P professor let me have the keys to the medical lab and literally told me to "cut my heart out" and "have at it!" Which is exactly what happened! Oh and I'm so nice I invited Sandra and Rhea to my cutting fest.

*A pig heart. You can see the pigs lungs as well as the heart. Along with the aorta and superior vena cava<- the wholes on top*

See the pig's liver, stomach, small intestines, colon, kidneys, bile sac being held up in Sandra's hands. In the second picture, that's her holding the intestines like a necklace and Rhea is trying to show us the spine...I was working on getting the brain out. I'm sorry animal lovers, I love them too but I also like science...

Me holding a cow's heart and Sandra is holding the pig ears up by my head.

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