Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Day Two: It Never Happened

So today was the second day of Contemporary World Lit (CWL) and I overslept. Like I woke up two minutes before class started and if you get there over 15minutes late, they take off a whole hour anyway. So at that point I had till 10 to get to class. Coffee was my first destination. Oh, while I was making coffee I saw what you ask...Oh I saw my step mom playing facebook games. Like every morning. Had it been a Saturday (or any day she wakes up with what I can only consider a "bone to pick") she'd have banged on the door letting me know I've gotten my "days and nights" confused and sleeping past 930 isn't an option. I mean she usually loves to wake me from slumber. But not today. Nope. Today I missed my quiz because I overslept. I know it's my fault but to then hear a stupid comment like "aren't you going to be late?" makes me want to flip my psycho switch...So after smoking a cigarette, drinking some coffee and listening to faint whistling, I did something I haven't done in 7 months or 140 days of classes...I didn't go. I just went to my friends house and hung out there until class was "over" and went home.
**This was me. You all know when you reach that  point...I mean the comment, gaming and whistling makes me want to gouge my eyes out or crush my eardrums**

I was frustrated and tired. I had no desire to force myself to stay quiet for four hours or try to hide my "are you kidding me" facial expressions. Plus I justified skipping because it's CWL and being the biggest freaking book geek ever-this class is going to be cake. Not even taking into account that Mrs.Stevens our professor is the slackest grader ever. And it helps that I won her over when I had her for Language. I just emailed in my paper I had to write last night for today and started in on my homework for Life Span Development.

How do you have homework for a class you haven't attended (because weds is my first day)? Ha ha easy. She freaking mailed me homework. Yes, the USPS brought me an envelope packed with study guides and reading assignments and more. That's the worst thing I've ever gotten in the mail. Ever. Worse than bills or a letter letting you know the douche you had arrested is out of jail. *rolls eyes* There's no way I can be late to her class because she would be a bitch and try to use me as an example all day. I can't handle that, I'd say something snide. We learned the whole "approach with caution" concept when I had her six months ago for psychology. She never let Rook or I answer questions until she was positive no one else in class knew the correct one. Oh geez and it dawned on me that Ashley is in this class as well and I recall she "took psych before and knew everything" but managed to barely pull a B. Shut the hell up. Clearly retaining what you learned was a problem.

I just finished two months of A&P and that was atrocious. Like I never slept, I tweeted anatomical terms. For heaven's sake I remembered purkinjee fibers and how electrical impulses travel through the heart all by @parajunkee's handler. How I connected those I'll never know but I did and it helped. We would spend DAYS UPON DAYS studying and I'd still pull a B on tests. It was so frustrating but trying to learn 200+ pages of lecture notes, do labs, homework and read chapters every single week was insane. Virtually impossible. I think like less than five people even managed to get and A and over eight people failed out after the first month. It was intense, so I deserved to miss today. After all I do know what a metaphor is, similes, antagonist vs. protagonist's. Oh and I think i missed her covering irony, plot, tone, setting, climax and how they work into a story. Thank God I read and am a writer or else missing today wouldn't have been a good idea.

Also I got a couple more ARC's today for review, a couple blog tour invites and I was invited to UtopYA next year. Plus Heather Ostler who wrote The Shapeshifter's Secret and recently released The Siren's Secret has mailed me a SIGNED hardcover copy-I am so excited. I can't believe it. Seriously I squealed and ran around in excitement for a few minutes...total fangirl session. When I think about it now, I still fangirl. Lol

**Side-note: I also managed to write a new scene in my book Hopeful Lies today and I heard back from one of my beta-readers.

But tomorrow is back to the real world and another day of school. I can't miss Life Span even if I'm dying because we meet a total of 8 times. I'll have 7 classes before I take a final exam. I can't think about that too much or my chest gets tight, my anxiety flares and a panic attack starts to set in...why can't there just be more time in a day? I need  be able to never sleep<--my wishful superpower.

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