Thursday, July 4, 2013

Day 4: Cheesecake & Fireworks

As everyone is aware today is an official holiday and that means no school! Which was defintely a bonus because it's a free day off. I would say "since I got to sleep in" but I didn't. I went with my mom to Orlando so she could take a shelf back at IKEA (my first time there) and go to The Cheesecake Factory! Okay and first off, if you've never eaten at The Cheesecake Factory...I need you to find one and go. OMG the food is divine and the cheesecake and I mean every kind they have, is like a heavenly treat. They have like thirty flavors. No, I haven't had them all (not like I wouldn't if I could) but it's not that close to me. Oh and their martinis are delicious. They even let you keep the shaker and there's like almost 2 whole martinis in that as well. Granted the cost a pretty penny.

**I am not a food photographer or even a very good photographer in general but this is a pretty good picture for me. Could be because I tend to be more excited about eating the food over taking freaking snapshots...My mom had the healthy plate (the one in the distance in case you weren't sure) and that's considered a lunch special. Do you see the amount of food? There's a bowl of some banging Mexican Vegetable Soup, a Almond Chicken Salad sandwich, plus a salad. That's insane. I'm just saying I've never seen that big of a lunch special and I'm a server. Maybe at Olive Garden if you consider the unlimited salad and soup that comes with everything. Oh and people also seem to think we carry refills in our aprons or behind our backs. I know you have been staring at me while I took the table next to you's order, I can see you. So why you insist on asking me where your refill beyond me. Sorry for the slight tangent there. My amazing burger had some cheese sauce, and fried macaroni and cheese on top, plus a grilled sesame seed bun. The fries were good too and I don't normally eat fries. But we had an appetizer too and I was determined to eat some cheesecake.

Yeah, that's the stuff right there. My mom ordered the ultimate oreo cheesecake and I got the Kahlua and cocoa flavor. One quick advisement of mine is you may want to eat this at home where you can whisper sweet nothings to your spoon and no one will think your crazy. If you live with other people like me...they probably know you have moments of delirium. 

Even though I had to get up at 730 like any other day I had a great day. Being the awesome student I am and obsessive studier, I brought the chapter reviews and outlines with me and just talked it all out loud on the way. See there's a bonus for hanging out with my mom, she'll just tune me out like normal. After all, I did learn from the best. I've been called out countless times for accidentally tuning people out-imagine what I can do with some effort.

The thing that makes Life Span a potentially difficult class is since there's eight classes only and we meet on Weds and Friday's, we have an exam every single Friday. Yup, so yesterday was my first day and tomorrow is my first exam. I've had Ms. Redcurl before so I know her test are no joke. You have to know your shit to stand a chance at passing...most of the questions are "application" and she gives you a generic example and you have to know what concept/phase of said concept/who discovered the concept/the year/oh and the experiments they used-in order to find whatever concept is being "displayed" in the example provided! I almost forgot, this time we also need to know the "locomotion of infants" from 3 to 18 months!

On that note, I have to go read through the chapters again. Since I went out all day today and then back out for an hour to see fireworks, now I don't have time to work on my book, read the ARC's waiting for me, finish typing up reviews, and I'm really trying to help Desiree Deorto with a few of her current WIP's (works in progress)...It's almost 1 a.m. here and I can only study till 230/3 or else I will not get up until force is applied.

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