Monday, July 1, 2013

Day One: All Over Again

I'm going to start this by reminding everyone that the first day of class is usually always a painful experience. My University is pretty small in comparison to schools like UCF, FSU and BCC, so chances are-you'll always be in a class with someone you know. I'm not claiming you'll be best friends or any of that fake bullshit. You'll recognize them and on the first day (and maybe even longer) they're your allies. This isn't my first class at the school it's like my seventh so I actually "know of" a lot of the students, even if a few are just familiar faces. Lucky for me I clicked with two girls when I was in my first class and coincidentally we all have the exact same schedule. So in a way, thank God we get along or Nursing school would seem even longer. Now we're not like best friends but we check on each other, complain about class, wonder about our future, study, and at the end of every class we go to lunch and have drinks. I can text them to stall if I'm running late, or save me a seat so I'm not stuck in some odd place on the first day (which I was not today, I was actually like 20 minutes early and yet the only reason I had a seat that would appeal to me was because Rook saved me one).

The first day always involves scoping out who is in your class. Believe me when I say you can tell how the class is going to go based on questions people ask on the first day. I mean we had a open syllabus, open neighbor-meaning you could ask anyone quiz on the syllabus. All the information was on the freaking handout and people STILL asked questions. Like for heavens sake, she's not even asking for us to think critically, just READ the information! Seriously one of the questions was "how many times do you turn in journal entries?" People asked the teacher for the answer...


*drops head against desk* Really? Did that just happen? I can't believe it. Well I can, I'm pretty positive it was the same person who said, and I quote "the only thing I read is texts." So now that I'm older I try my damnedest to just keep my mouth shut and my snide remarks to myself. After all, they have to know they're stupid. I mean on something that easy...

Plus the book for Contemporary World Literature was like 140 bucks. Since I love reading, I can swallow that fact a bit better than I did when the math book cost me 200 bucks and I NEVER even had to open it! That's like salt in the open wound. Do they realize how many books I could have bought? Or all the alcoholic beverages I could have consumed instead? The things that would have made suffering through Algebra *almost* bearable.

The worst part is that everyone whose had a class with me (and even the ones who havent) seem to know I'm a book geek. Oh and apparently that means I'm supposed to help do their homework and project outlines? I don't think so. I'm not getting anything out of it and there's enough work shoved into my week, to worry about adding someone else's. It may not seem important to anyone else but I love my blog Cover Bound and corresponding with publishers and authors- I can't stop. On top of that though, I'm planning an official launch and ironing out the details of a business venture with one of my besties, I'm an admin on Paranormal Reads, a reviewer for SupaGurls (in addition to all the publishers under the "about me" tab), I run my own blog Cover Bound and I'm working on finishing my own novel Hopeful Lies. I'm a bit busy. In the next couple weeks I'll also be editing Sweet Escape for Bailey Ardisone. A girls gotta earn some cash somehow after all.

I must go edit my first journal entry...Maybe I'll share it tomorrow. It's not interesting or full of juicy details. But I need edit it, read a few short stories for class, post a review for Blurred by Tara Fuller on Cover Bound for the morning and possibly write some for my own story.

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  1. Love the new blog! The graphics are fantastic. When you figure out how to clone yourself to keep up with the five million things you have to do every day, let me know. :) And wear the Book Geek badge proudly! Just don't be doing anyone else's homework for them...